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About Optometrists Network and Dr. Jeffrey Cooper

Optometrists Network thanks Dr. Jeffrey Cooper for his generous contribution to our network of advertising-free patient education web sites. Dr. Cooper has private practices which provide primary care, strabismus eye surgery referrals, and/or Vision Therapy in Brooklyn and NYC (New York, NY) only.

If you would like to make an appointment with Dr. Cooper, go to his private practice web site at coopereyecare.com. PLEASE: do not email Dr. Cooper with your personal medical questions. Your family's vision can not be evaluated or treated over the internet.

Follow Our Links to Find More Information on Lazy Eye, Strabismus, and Related Visual Conditions
If you would like more information about strabismus or related visual conditions, such as lazy eye, please see the many pages of strabismus.org and/or lazyeye.org. We provide comprehensive information on binocular (two-eyed) vision conditions through many Vision Care Patient Education Resources.

In addition, you can read many comments written by parents, patients, teachers, teenagers, and children about their experiences with Vision Therapy for strabismus, lazy eye and related visual conditions.

Dr. Jeffrey Cooper's Credentials
Dr. Jeffrey Cooper is a Clinical Professor at the State University of New York, College of Optometry. He presently teaches professional students and residents about strabismus and amblyopia.

Dr. Cooper graduated from the prestigious Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 1971 and also completed a special post-graduate training program in Vision Therapy that same year. He served as the assistant chief of the Vision Therapy Services from 1972-1978.

Dr. Cooper received a Masters of Science in physiological optics. He has authored over 60 research papers that have appeared in numerous prestigious ophthalmological and optometric journals. Currently, he is on the editorial board of Binocular Vision and Eye Muscle Surgery and the Journal of Behavioral Optometry. He is a reviewer for numerous professional publications.

Dr. Cooper, under the auspices of Bausch and Lomb, has served as a consultant to our Olympic Teams. He has provided peer review for research grants submitted to the National Institute of Health/National Eye Institute. Dr. Cooper was a principal investigator of clinical trial on Convergence Insufficiency funded by the National Institute of Health - National Eye Institute.

HTS -- Home Therapy Systems

Dr. Cooper has developed both the Computer Orthopter and the HTS Computerized Vision Therapy Systems. Both of these treatment systems are used by more than 6,000 optometrists and ophthalmologists worldwide. As mentioned above, he also serves as a consultant to the Optometrists Network and the Vision3d, a 3D Stereo Vision Education Site. Dr. Jeffrey Cooper maintains practices in both Manhattan and Brooklyn (New York, NY).

Parent and Patient Comments on Vision Therapy for Strabismus, Lazy Eye and Related Visual Conditions

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Dr. Jeffrey Cooper
Dr. Jeffrey Cooper FAAO, FCOVD, our expert on strabismus, answers all your questions in What is Strabismus?. It's all there! And check out the fun bits on the evolution of two-eyed vision!

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