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What is Strabismus?
by Dr. Jeffrey Cooper & Rachel Cooper (no relation). © 2001-2016

About Exotropia

What is Exotropia?

Most Common Type: Intermittent Exotropia

Illustration: one eye is turning outward, so both eyes do not see the same target.

What is Exotropia?
Exotropia -- a common type of strabismus -- is the outward deviation of an eye (away from the nose). The deviation or eye turn may occur while fixating (looking at) distance objects, near objects or both.

When the eye turns outward at all distances and at all times, it is called constant exotropia. When the eye turns outward only sometimes, it is called intermittent exotropia or alternating exotropia When BOTH eyes turn outward or fail to converge normally (turn inward to see), this is called Convergence Insufficiency and/or Exophoria.

Sometimes, There's Good News
Intermittent Exotropia

Most exotropia is intermittent and this means that the outward eye deviation or eye turn occurs only some of the time. Find out why that is good news, see photos and learn all about successful diagnosis and treatment of Intermittent Exotropia.

Learn more about eye muscle surgery for exotropia and other types of strabismus.

What is Strabismus?
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Constant? Intermittent?

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